Friday, June 15, 2012

The Stem Cell-Fat Injection Contoversy

Stem cell and fat injection - san francisco bay area

The FDA handles the application of stem cell treatments to illnesses, rendering it considered a pharmaceutical which is only accessible to patients which are part of a clinical trial. On the flip side, body fat injections “enriched” with one’s personal stem cells are used to enhance plastic procedures such as the facelift. This is not being controlled through the Federal drug administration because it doesn't fall under “drug therapy” category since it is performed within same medical operation.
In the past several years researchers have detected stem cells may very well be obtained from personal fat tissue. In contrast to embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells extracted from one’s individual fats tend to be abundant, readily accessible and don't present ethical controversy. But this can open the doorway for many issues, as addressed by ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) the two leading plastic cosmetic surgery associations whose members are actually Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. In a joint statement during the May nine, 2011 Aesthetic meeting in Boston ma, the societies expressed they think there's not sufficient scientific facts to support the safety along with usefulness associated with stem cell therapy in cosmetic medicine.
Stem cell and fat injection - san francisco bay area
Before Facelift and Fat/Stem Cell Injection

Stem cell and fat injection - san francisco bay area
After Facelift with Fat/Stem Cell Injections

Marketing claims that have hit the market in connection with the miracle belonging to the stem cell facelift ,for instance, are premature. High-priced equipment are designed to extract stem cells and may even be exploited by many people whom hadn't had many years of correct training in aesthetic surgical treatment. Similar to the large numbers of different liposuction surgery equipment we have seen previously which included a couple weekends of training for that practitioner!

The utilization of autologous fats (from one’s unique body) that is fortified with stem cells for plastic procedures presently is now being as used by a number of doctors. Since it is not illegal, ASAPS and ASPS request that their members only accomplish this within scientific tests under institutional evaluation board authorization and report the studies.

Stem cells can be found naturally in fats, and fat injections have been popular for years. Fat injection therapy do not fall into the exact same group as stem cell procedures that are still regarded as an innovative frontier. There are numerous board qualified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Miguel Delgado, that has mastered the effective use of fat procedures to boost the facelift together with other operations.
This requires the eye of the aesthetic surgeon, who possesses the skills and enhanced education to set this technology to very best use within the safest environment. With all with that being said, Doctor. Delgado has found over time, that his facelift patients that have chosen the fat injection therapy have added benefits that other men and women really don't. The color, texture as well as fullness of the skin apparently improve for months or even years, additionally pore size has decreased and facial lines usually minimize. The individual pictured here, displays before surgery, six months after surgical procedures and also five-years following surgery treatment at 65.
Facelift with Fat/Stem Cell Injections-9 years latter

Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., MD holds the two credentials most coveted by plastic surgeons practicing in the states, namely certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership rights in the American Society of Plastic Surgery. He has his own completely certified surgery centre and 2 offices located in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Marin. View his large amount of pre and post photos of his San Francisco Bay Area face lift patients. For more information visit Dr. Delgado's website or call for a consultation at (415) 898-4161.